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You can read more about my history and passion on the About page.

Birth is an extraordinary, emotional, and transitional experience. From the quiet moments of early labour, to the beautifully sweet minute you first look into your baby’s eyes, these memories will stay with you for a lifetime. If you allow me the privilege to capture these exquisite moments, I promise you precious, timeless art to remind you of your beautiful day for years to come.

If you choose me to photograph your family’s special day you can expect:

– I am on call for your birth from 2 weeks before your estimated due date, to about a week after. I do not book birth shoots or doula clients closer than 2 weeks apart by due dates.

-I am with you from the time you call me in active labour (either your house or hospital, contractions around 5-8 minutes apart) to about 2 hours after your birth.

-We will meet once before your birth, sometime in the 3rd trimester to discuss what types of photos you want. Moments you may want captured may include: early labour, sweet interactions between yourself and your partner and/or other children, the moment of birth, baby’s weight and measurements, you holding babe for the first time, partner holding babe, other children and family meeting baby.

-At our meeting it can be arranged in advance to take a few maternity shots of you like at an additional cost of $50 for 20-30 edited images.

-You will receive a memory drive with all of your edited photos (75-150 edited images) within 2-6 weeks of your birth, I will also edit some in the first few days and they can be emailed to you for use online or in baby announcements.

-You will receive a birth story photo slideshow put to music, documenting your beautiful birth.

-You will have the choice of which photos I may use on my Photography Portfolio and a waiver will be signed.

-For an additional fee of $50 I will meet you at your home after you arrive with your baby to document sweet, candid moments of settling babe in at home (20-30 edited images).

The fee for birth photography services is $500 (payment plans with predated checks or email money transfers can be arranged) all monies due 2 weeks before your due date.

If you are a doula client as well and I am already attending your birth, the fee is $200


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