My name is Jessica Hall and I am the photographer behind Dasher Rose Imagery

I am a birth doula and birth/life photographer. Birth and photography are my passions, they go together beautifully hand in hand. It is a privilege and an honour to support a family through the life changing adventure of birth. I have had the immense pleasure of attending the births of many families since 2010, each one holds special memories.

This year (2015) I decided that I would like not only to enjoy these experiences with families, but to capture those precious moments for them as well. Thus Dasher Rose Imagery was conceived; a photography business that helps families make their most treasured moments into timeless art.

In case you are curious, Dasher Rose is a combination of my own beautiful children’s names. I started with my photography passion when my children were born, like most parents I have 1000’s of pictures of my sweet babes. Images are an invaluable reminder of all the adorable, sweet, precious moments we enjoy as our children grow, keepsakes for a lifetime.

I would be honoured to join any family that wouldn’t mind an extra person at their birth to capture their transition into parenthood. Whether it’s your 1st or 10th baby, images from your birth have the power to connect you back to that wonderous day when you met the newest addition to your family. In keeping with birth photography, I would also be delighted to create beautiful works of art that capture your baby’s first moments of life (Fresh 48 and Welcome Home Lifestyle), the beauty that is pregnancy (Maternity), and your precious baby either posed or during breastfeeding (Newborn Portraits and Breastfeeding Portraits). To learn more about the sessions mentioned here visit the Maternity, Breastfeeding, and Newborn Photography page.

Please feel free to contact me for more information.

While my focus in photography is in birth, pregnancy, and babies, I also love photographing other happy life events and anything else you would like a photographer to document. Portfolios of Nature/Still and Wedding/Graduation photography are available as well for your viewing pleasure.

Jessica Hall



***ALL Images on this website are the intellectual property of me, Jessica Hall: Dasher Rose Imagery. If you would like to use an image for your own blog or other reason, you must contact me for my permission and link the photograph back to my website if I do grant permission***

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